Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mugdha godse

Mugdha Godse was born on 26 July 1986,In Pune,Maharashtra,IndIa. She Is an IndIan actress who appears In Bollywood fIlms. A former model, Godse was a semI-fInalIst at the FemIna MIss IndIa 2004 competItIon. I made her actIng debut In Madhur Bhandarkar's 2008 Bollywood fIlm, FashIon.
She belong to a middle class family situated in Pune. Also, born and brought up & studied in Pune city. During her old days, she was a simple girl with vernacular accent. she used to conduct surveys, sell oil, market few products just to earn extra pocket money. she used to earn only 100 bucks a day but never informed parents, thinking they would oppose. Later she started working in a gym to get free gym access. All of these eventually trained her language, dressing, manners, etc.
Later friends influenced her to participate in local beauty contests and guess what! she actually won one of them. This encouraged her to participate in Gladrags Mega Model Hunt 2002, and she was titled as Gladrags Mega Model of 2002. It was an unforgettable moment of her life. Later, glamour world shifted her base to Mumbai. It was a time to focus and work hard. she was struggling with auditions, screen tests, meetings, etc, etc. All of this was also combined with economical pressures, depression. Fortunately she was strong at my will power and positive attitude which helped me take a step higher. Later it was Femina Miss India 2004, which gave me Miss Perfect 10 Title. Gradually she was offered ramp shows, good money, etc. Finally, she bought a house in 2006. It was a big pat on my back. she was proud of herself.

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